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More 6 great pictures 

baby touching Mommy.JPG (53821 bytes)

Angel girl.JPG (62548 bytes)

Happy girl.JPG (42773 bytes)

good one of Nan and MJ.JPG (56526 bytes)

MJ and Mommy at park.JPG (54270 bytes)

MJ in tree with Nan.JPG (48878 bytes)

Nan and MJ at Park.JPG (79863 bytes)

reaching at vonoy park.JPG (47098 bytes)

Showing MJ flower.JPG (66326 bytes)

Showing MJ water.JPG (44765 bytes)

smiley girl.JPG (50253 bytes)

Us at fountain at Vonoy Park.JPG (60712 bytes)

cuties2.JPG (44698 bytes)

lil cuties.JPG (45697 bytes)

my bear outfit.JPG (33755 bytes)

Pretty girl.JPG (43008 bytes)

pumpkin .JPG (71569 bytes)

pumpkin2.JPG (67817 bytes)

see my bear shoes.JPG (44788 bytes)

the_gang.JPG (59172 bytes)

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